PC Based Diagnostic Scan Tool Suite

View, graph and record live data on your PC with EASE PC Scan Tools. The large viewing screen and speed of the personal computer allow users to view up to 68 live parameters at the same time and produce graphs with scope-like resolution. With this revolutionary graphing capability, technicians can see the interaction between many different parameters at a glance. EASE PC Scan Tools provide the user with the most comprehensive and functional look at live data! Scan Tool Packages come with everything you need to use your PC to scan with EASE! No other diagnostic equipment is required.

Features include: vehicle selection database, real-time data grid, real-time graphing with up to 6 graphing windows, meters, bar graphs, unlimited recording and playback, snapshots, professional reports, on-line information libraries and more!

There are literally countless combinations and options for this scan tool suite. This is a CAN certified system and can even be upgraded to include a wireless vehicle interface. Imagine being able to watch live streaming data from anywhere inside your shop, while the vehicle is parked outside! Give us a call at (717) 625-3498 for pricing and to set up a demonstration at your shop.

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