J2534 Flash Reprogramming

J2534 Reprogramming Kit

Over 100 million cars on the road today support Flash Reprogramming. Auto Manufacturers are constantly updating controller software to solve problems such as false DTCs, hesitation, rough idle, emissions problems, hard starting, poor fuel economy and others. These problems plague many 5 to 8 year old cars that are no longer under warranty. Your competitors are making thousands of dollars repairing these cars by Flash Reprogramming. You should be too!!


  • J2534 Compatible and can Reprogram GM, Ford and Chrysler controllers - with ONE INTERFACE
  • A complete Stand Alone System, not just a pass-thru interface
  • A total solution with all the Scan Tool functions you need for reprogramming
  • No additional Scan Tool is needed - Saving you money.
  • Our exclusive Flash Wizard guides you EASILY through the Reprogramming process, including Relearn Procedures, eliminating the guesswork and costly mistakes, ensuring a successful reprogramming event
    No need for a dedicated PC. Use the one you have and save even more $$
  • Off-board Capability allows you the opportunity for greater income by Reprogramming for neighboring shops with the PCM/ECM out of the vehicle
    Optional Wireless Capability allows Reprogramming away from the vehicle - a big time saver!
  • Updates are inexpensive, and a breeze with reprogrammable hardware

- System Requirements -
Windows 2000 or XP
Pentium III 600 MHz processor
256 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD
16X CD-ROM drive
Two unused USB ports
1024 x 768 256 Color Graphics Card
Internet Connectivity
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